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Sensory calming and stimulating approaches

Choosing the right care home 

When considering a care home, it is imperative that you visit several for comparison; you will know when you’ve found the one that ticks all the boxes, and you instinctively sense that you can trust the staff to love and care for your relative. 
Research where possible; look at CQC compliance reviews. 
Do residents seem happy? Are staff engaged with those in their care? Are there pervasive odours? The answers to these questions will help you reach a decision. 
It is not necessary to make an appointment to visit us, but we would ask that you respect the resident’s mealtimes and afford them privacy in their home. 
Close connections with community
Comfort and a sense of nurturing

Admission to Cholwell 

On enquiry brief details will be taken and you will be given an information booklet and information regarding the fee structure, funded nursing care payments and continuing health care funding. Direct application can then be contemplated, although some applications follow an assessment of need made by the Local Authority Social Services. This includes an assessment of their financial circumstances, which will determine any funding to which they may be entitled as a contribution to the costs of accommodation and care. 
If deemed appropriate, following liaison with the multi-disciplinary team, and Cholwell is considered a suitable placement, the manager or a member of the nursing staff will then assess for potential admission. 
Each application is carefully considered and a decision to offer a place made within two working days. Available rooms are married to the needs of the resident and although we operate a ‘waiting list’ it is dependent on compatibility with the existing bed at that time. 
In the event of an emergency admission, the home would admit immediately but assess for suitability over a trial period. 
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